Best of CDO Food Tour

In time with the upcoming Higalaay Festival 2016 this month, Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation come up with the Best of CDO Food Tour. It showcases the best of Cagayan de Oro food, hopping to several home-grown restaurants riding the legendary motorela of Cagayan de Oro.

A motorela is a locally developed motorcycle attached to a Karatella which the name came from. It is usually the main mode of transportation of the Kagay-anons going around the city.

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Our first food stop was Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant at the Ayala Centrio Mall. Bigby’s was first introduced in CDO on December 8, 1998, and now has 7 branches across the archipelago. The menu, the interior design and service style were created to position the concept midway between fine dining and fast-casual dining.

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We ate two of their signature dishes, CDO Sinuglaw and Rack-a-Bye-Baby. Its CDO Sinuglaw is an award winning combination of sinugbang baboy and isdang kilawin with a twist of “dilis” as toppings. Another Bigby’s favorite is its finger-licking goodness of premium cut smoky barbecued pork ribs the Rack-a-Bye-Baby.

Second food stop was the flagship store of Missy Bon Bon located at the Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center. Missy Bon Bon Bread shop opened its kiosk in CDO in December 2009 launching its first line of bread and gelato. In April 2010, it opened its flagship store in Limketkai Center. Missy Bon Bon is a hip, cozy, and relaxed world-class bread shop serving healthy, natural, and freshly-made bread on site with unique fusion interpretations of local bread products, gourmet comfort food and custom gelato mixes.

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We ate their creamy gelato and I choose its new flavor the green macha. And of course, its sweet filled bun that won the hearts of every Kagay-anons, the Missy Bon Bon Pastel which now comes in 3 flavors namely durian, yema and chocolate.

After Missy Bon Bon we went to the historical Gaston Park and other neighboring tourists destinations like the Museum in the Old water tank and the Duaw Park.

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Our third food stop was Boy Zugba Kusina Bisaya along Corrales Avenue and Ramon Chavez Street, Cagayan de Oro City. Boy Zugba opened on February 8, 2015, it serves the best Kagay-anon home-cooked meals that a city has to offer, but upscaled a bit to create a new dining experience. Boy Zugba boasts an array of grilled food items, as well as meals that we normally see in Carenderias and home cooked meals.

Visit them every Tuesdays for its Trivia Night at around 7pm and on Fridays is their TGIB or Tara Go It’s Beernes with stand up comedians and a guest band.

We ate a boodle fight of liempo, pork bbq, pancit sa pulis, and its cheezzy chorizo. For the dessert is the very creamy leche flan.

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Our last food stop is The Nest, a short walking distance from Boy Zugba along Corrales Avenue. The Nest welcomed its first batch of patrons last June 2016, bringing the best of renowned European culinary masterpieces that won the hearts of every Kagay-anon. The Nest, carrying two brands, Maison de Bonbon and Giuseppe, delivers the finest of both French and Italian Sicilian cuisines.

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The Nest embodies the best aspects of globalization by bringing the sumptuous food of Europe to the dining tables of the inherently sunny people of Cagayan de Oro, be it the families looking to bond through opulently-served entrees, or the individuals that yearn to unravel from work by being fed food bursting with zest and flavor.

It is a sanctuary in the midst of the noisy, fast-paced, and bustling city of Cagayan de Oro.

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Must-try and some of the highlight food we ate we’re Burger Américaine, made from U.S beef burger patty on a sesame bun with crisped bacon slices, sautéed Shiitake mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, melted gruyere cheese & fresh green lettuce. Served with seasoned salt French fries. Salsiccia Siciliana, a pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and Sicilian sausages. My favorite, the Quattro Formaggi Pizza with four Italian kinds of cheese. And Calzone
Folded pizza with spinach, ham, sausage, mushrooms, bell pepper, and black olives.

For the tourist and locals, you must try the Best of CDO Food Tour for a great tour around the city while enjoying great foods in different restaurants at a very affordable and value for money paseo around the city.

Author: Mike A.