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POPS Eatery


POPS All Filipino Eatery now open along Corrales Avenue at the old Consuelo’s Restaurant. POPS means “Pinoy Original Paborito Special”. They serve all Filipino delicious food that you are craving for.


An ambiance that is a typical eatery around the country with a twist of retro decorations and cool signs. Check out their sinuglaw, it is a must try dish on their menu.


They also have function room upstair where a hundred persons can be accommodated. If you like outdoor eating they have a large veranda where you can watch Corrales Avenue. In the near future, they will also offer an outdoor talipapa of bbq and chicken innards.


Pista sa Lechon de Iligan

The fiesta celebration of our neighboring city of the waterfalls Iligan city is fast approaching this coming September 29, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.


The celebration is also known as Diyandi Festival and one of the main event before the grand day is the Pista sa Lechon de Iligan. It is a contest of lechoneros in Iligan to compete on the best tasting lechon in town.

Good tasting lechon is known to be in Cebu and other places in the Philippines but not known to everyone, Iligan has the best tasting lechon in the country. The flavor of the spices really penetrates to the crispy skin and the main meat of the whole lechon. You really don’t need anymore any sauce.



The Pista sa Lechon de Iligan is an annual event to promote the tasty lechon of the Iliganon’s as well as share the bounties received in honor for the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.


In our short trip to Iligan city, we also have a plant tour of  the famous Suka Pinakurat and with their new endeavor, the Fat Pauly’s Craft Beer. Watch out for our story of this pioneering artisanal local craft beer. We would also like to thank Smart Communication for our ride in visiting Iligan City, Jacko’s Kan-anan with its mouth watering pinakbet, and the Iligan delicacies Piaya de Iligan, Schokolade Iligan  an Art Inspired Chocolate, Pater Al Kuwait. Stay tune for more stories of this great tasting homegrown products.





Boy Zugba Opens 2nd Branch in Centrio Mall

The Kusina Bisaya – Boy Zugba will open today (September 18, 2016) at the Ayala Centrio Mall 3rd level near the cinemas.


Pre-opening event with media, bloggers and other personalities

Boy Zugba is a modern and casual restaurant in a traditional Kagay-anon Filipino theme. It has a wide variety of delicious food from soups, pancit, salads, sinuga and desserts. It is famous for its Chicken BBQ, the Cheezzy Chorizo and the mouth-watering super creamy Leche Flan.

Watch out for their contest online and over at the store for lots of prizes and giveaways. Drop by now at Boy Zugba Ayala Centrio branch for a great boodle fight meal with the whole family or friends.

Alavar’s Seafood & Grill now open at Limketkai


Alavar’s Seafood & Grill is now open at Limketkai Center located within Cucina de Oro. If you are coming from Cogon Public market area, this is the first place you will see when entering the Limketkai area which is fronting the Shell Station on the corner.


Alavar’s is a famous and very delicious sauce originating from Zamboanga with its sweet, mildly spicy, aromatic and creamy taste from coconut milk.

They offer curacha, shrimp, and crabs with alavar’s sauce in per 100-gram prices. They also serve a single meal that is very hefty in proportion for only P120 per bowl with crab meat and their delicious alavar sauce.


Best of CDO Food Tour

Best of CDO Food Tour

In time with the upcoming Higalaay Festival 2016 this month, Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation come up with the Best of CDO Food Tour. It showcases the best of Cagayan de Oro food, hopping to several home-grown restaurants riding the legendary motorela of Cagayan de Oro.

A motorela is a locally developed motorcycle attached to a Karatella which the name came from. It is usually the main mode of transportation of the Kagay-anons going around the city.

best of cdo food tour 3

Our first food stop was Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant at the Ayala Centrio Mall. Bigby’s was first introduced in CDO on December 8, 1998, and now has 7 branches across the archipelago. The menu, the interior design and service style were created to position the concept midway between fine dining and fast-casual dining.

best of cdo food tour 1

We ate two of their signature dishes, CDO Sinuglaw and Rack-a-Bye-Baby. Its CDO Sinuglaw is an award winning combination of sinugbang baboy and isdang kilawin with a twist of “dilis” as toppings. Another Bigby’s favorite is its finger-licking goodness of premium cut smoky barbecued pork ribs the Rack-a-Bye-Baby.

Second food stop was the flagship store of Missy Bon Bon located at the Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center. Missy Bon Bon Bread shop opened its kiosk in CDO in December 2009 launching its first line of bread and gelato. In April 2010, it opened its flagship store in Limketkai Center. Missy Bon Bon is a hip, cozy, and relaxed world-class bread shop serving healthy, natural, and freshly-made bread on site with unique fusion interpretations of local bread products, gourmet comfort food and custom gelato mixes.

best of cdo food tour 4

We ate their creamy gelato and I choose its new flavor the green macha. And of course, its sweet filled bun that won the hearts of every Kagay-anons, the Missy Bon Bon Pastel which now comes in 3 flavors namely durian, yema and chocolate.

After Missy Bon Bon we went to the historical Gaston Park and other neighboring tourists destinations like the Museum in the Old water tank and the Duaw Park.

best of cdo food tour 5

Our third food stop was Boy Zugba Kusina Bisaya along Corrales Avenue and Ramon Chavez Street, Cagayan de Oro City. Boy Zugba opened on February 8, 2015, it serves the best Kagay-anon home-cooked meals that a city has to offer, but upscaled a bit to create a new dining experience. Boy Zugba boasts an array of grilled food items, as well as meals that we normally see in Carenderias and home cooked meals.

Visit them every Tuesdays for its Trivia Night at around 7pm and on Fridays is their TGIB or Tara Go It’s Beernes with stand up comedians and a guest band.

We ate a boodle fight of liempo, pork bbq, pancit sa pulis, and its cheezzy chorizo. For the dessert is the very creamy leche flan.

best of cdo food tour 6

Our last food stop is The Nest, a short walking distance from Boy Zugba along Corrales Avenue. The Nest welcomed its first batch of patrons last June 2016, bringing the best of renowned European culinary masterpieces that won the hearts of every Kagay-anon. The Nest, carrying two brands, Maison de Bonbon and Giuseppe, delivers the finest of both French and Italian Sicilian cuisines.

best of cdo food tour 8

best of cdo food tour 7

The Nest embodies the best aspects of globalization by bringing the sumptuous food of Europe to the dining tables of the inherently sunny people of Cagayan de Oro, be it the families looking to bond through opulently-served entrees, or the individuals that yearn to unravel from work by being fed food bursting with zest and flavor.

It is a sanctuary in the midst of the noisy, fast-paced, and bustling city of Cagayan de Oro.

best of cdo food tour 10

best of cdo food tour 9

Must-try and some of the highlight food we ate we’re Burger Américaine, made from U.S beef burger patty on a sesame bun with crisped bacon slices, sautéed Shiitake mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, melted gruyere cheese & fresh green lettuce. Served with seasoned salt French fries. Salsiccia Siciliana, a pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and Sicilian sausages. My favorite, the Quattro Formaggi Pizza with four Italian kinds of cheese. And Calzone
Folded pizza with spinach, ham, sausage, mushrooms, bell pepper, and black olives.

For the tourist and locals, you must try the Best of CDO Food Tour for a great tour around the city while enjoying great foods in different restaurants at a very affordable and value for money paseo around the city.

Kitchen Classics Eat-All-You-Can Resto


Kitchen Classics is a new eat-all-you-can eatery located at the corner of 17th street and 6th street, Nazareth here in Cagayan de Oro City. If you are looking for quality food that tastes just like home, look no other than at Kitchen Classics. For only P199 per person, you can already eat you can take till your tummy is full of great tasting Filipino foods like sinugba, lumpia shanghai, kalderetta, and so much more. Unlike other cheap eat-all-you-can eatery they offer at least 6 viands to choose from.





They also have a great tasting Pancit Malabon which they offer in different sizes contain in a native Bila-o. You can order for pickup or eat it along while dining in their place.

Their entrance is quite a small one on a quaint corner but when you get inside you’ll be delighted of the expansive high ceiling of the place. They also have a function room where you can conduct meeting or workshop complete with LED screen and other facilities.

The Hungry Plate CDO


A new eating place in town opens today! The Hungry Plate is an American, Latin, and Tex-Mex casual dining restaurant featuring local and Cagayan de Oro’s first Craft beer.


Food is really good and my recommended and must try is its Miami Porkchop. It tastes really so good I have never tasted something like it before. You should try and taste it to satisfy why I highly recommend it.


On the second floor, they have the tap room where you can drink local craft beer, the first in the city. For those who don’t know much about craft beer, to put it simply, it is a beer that is not brewed by one of the big “mega-brewery” corporations. It is usually made by local craft people who loves to make their own beer.


The Hungry Plates is located in the new place in town along Corrales Avenue which was the old Consuelo’s now newly renovated.

The Librewry Cafe


A new place in the city had a soft opening today (July 10, 2016) at the Divisoria area. The place is part library + coffee shop + and work or study place.

This place is great for students and freelancers to work or study with your own desk, a wi-fi internet, and unlimited water. You can also order from them coffee, juice, hot choco and other beverages as well as snacks and meals for those hungry tummies while studying or working on a project.



The rate is P25 only per hour and you can have a free drink if you book 3 hours or more. In the coming weeks, they will also offer weekly or monthly payments for those who will frequently use the place. Its internet connection is run on fiber optics so it can definitely cater to the several numbers of users in the place.

They are located along Velez Street and Chaves Street, in between Mai’s Crafts Cafe and Red Tail Restaurant, you will find a small entrance there leading to the place. It is also in front of Sentro 1850 Restaurant, just across the street, now you don’t have a reason already to be lost 🙂

CDO’s First: Greenwich Pizzeria New Look


Greenwich Pizza at SM City CDO in uptown Cagayan de Oro has a new look and feel. It is now transformed into a Pizzeria just like in Italy. The interior look reminiscent of a familiar and homey feels through the use of wood and brick elements, one that will instantly feel being in an authentic pizzeria.



The SM City CDO store is the first one in CDO and will roll-out the same concept in other areas. The new store concept features a lounge, main dining area, balcony, banquet and an enclosed dining space fit for everyone’s needs. The seating varies from couches, booths, tables and longer spaces complete with bar stools for the authentic experience. The interiors are made more rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets, and colorful ceramics to tie the concept together with the goal of making Greenwich feel like home.


This young, modern, mid-century industrial neighborhood pizzeria look that Greenwich is taking on will attract both loyal Greenwich pizza lovers and curious foodies alike, to be a part of the barkada and savor in the goodness that is truly world-class. Check out their new store to feel the new ambiance of eating pizza. And by the way, you should also try their new Bacon Crispy Thin pizza!

A Glimpse of The Nest CDO


The Nest is an upcoming upscale eating place in Cagayan de Oro City. There will be 2 restaurant themes in the place. One is the Maison de Bonbon, an authentic French restaurant and Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast, an Italian restaurant.


Maison de Bonbon will be serving all kinds of authentic French food. From soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, and some other side dishes.



Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast will be serving pizza of course but not just an ordinary pizza. The ingredients are source from the finest suppliers and cooked in a wood fired brick oven which was designed from Italy.




The place has indoor dining and an outdoor balcony, as well as alfresco great for hanging out with friends or family. Most of their serving is good for three to four person which will be good for a group of family or friends.


The Nest is located along Corrales Avenue and Ramon Chaves Street. They will be in soft opening this saturday (June 18, 2016) and will have its grand opening in July.