Have you experienced a time in our lives that we need an immediate medical answer to a certain health problem? Like when in the wee hours of the morning or on a vacation in far-flung provinces, we sometimes need an immediate answer to our medical concerns.

There is an answer to that now here in our country made possible by KonsultaMD Health Hotline. The service was created to bring positive change to the Philippine healthcare industry with its 24/7 health hotline designed to make medical information more accessible, efficient, and affordable to a majority of Filipinos.

KonsultaMD provides straightforward help with health and medical-related questions. This includes medical information to common but important questions on pregnancy, infant and toddler care, fever and other general ailments, signs and symptoms, diet, and other concerns.

However, KonsultaMD does not replace face-to-face interaction between doctors and patients but only serves as a means of interim care so that the public can have immediate and affordable medical attention.

To avail the service, sign-up at their website: www.Konsulta.md


Author: Mike A.