A new hangout place at Limketkai Rosario Strip is in its soft opening, the Pete’s Patriots Filipino Gastropub. Its a fusion of Filipino and foreign cuisine which produce unique and delicious foods.


Pete’s Patriots is a chain of gastropub around the Philippines which is owns other popular chain of restaurants like Seafood Island.

It is on its soft opening right now and they will have its grand launching on April 26 this year.


Must try on their menu is its Crispy Pata that is aside from very crunchy it is also very tender. It is prepared by sous-vide from the French word “under vacuum”, a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bag then placed in a water bath for 12 hours which is why it is so tender.


Watch out for their much awaited grand launching on April 26 and see you there.

Author: Mike A.