Polished concrete has aesthetic and environmental advantages at a reasonable cost.

For outdoor and indoor projects, polished concrete in Oak Park IL is becoming an attractive option for a number of projects. Is has been long used for outdoor additions such as patios and sidewalks, but is now becoming a popular choice for indoor flooring and countertops.

Using several techniques, concrete can be fabricated to produce the look of natural stone, marble, terra cotta, brick, slate and other expensive materials. For a natural stone look, the concrete is stamped while still wet with heavy rubber mats. The mats are embossed to resemble slate, granite, brick or other material.

A thin layer of concrete is smoothed over old flooring materials for indoor projects. Generally a smoother surface is preferred indoors, especially on walking surfaces. The thin layer of concrete will normally fill in imperfections. An acid is then applied to the concrete surface after is has cured for both indoor and outdoor jobs, The acid comes in a variety of colors depending on the desired effect. It will penetrate into the concrete so it will not flake or fade in the future.

The stain will react to the slight variations of the concrete surface, allowing the acid to produce the natural look of marble or granite. A low VOC polymer finish is applied to obtain the polished look. Either a high gloss or satin finish can be applied.

Polished concrete in Oak Park IL also has environmental benefits. In many cases, old flooring does not need to be removed. The low VOC polymer coating does not produce the fumes of paint or other flooring finishes. Because of its durability, the concrete flooring does not need regular replacement. Cleaning the flooring rarely takes more than a light cleaning product and water. For those needing a heating system, a grid of hot water tubing can be set in place before the concrete is poured. When concrete is laid over the top of the tubing, the finished concrete becomes a radiant heating medium. The result is an inexpensive, eco-friendly, radiant heat system that will last decades.

Mike A.
Author: Mike A.