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The Tamparong sisters, the trio behind the fashion brand Spruce, were quite shaken when their mom, Maridel, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Maridel was a healthy, energetic woman who ate right and exercised regularly – it didn’t make sense that she had cancer. The family quickly realized how randomly and mysteriously this disease picks out its victims.


To give back and Fight Against Cancer

They had time on their side, however. The cancer was detected in the early stages, and treatment was prompt and successful. Maridel Tamparong has been cancer free for three years now. The ordeal has created within the Tamparong women an overflowing sense of gratitude for life, family, and the advances in medical science, which compels them to give back and do their part in the fight against cancer.


The story behind every footwear

This is how Spruce came to be a passionate advocate for cancer awareness and this is how Spruce’s PINKed Collection came to be.

A percentage of the proceeds of each pair purchased will help fund THRIVE, Cagayan de Oro’s breast cancer awareness group, which has made it it’s mission to remind and encourage the city’s womenfolk to be more vigilant about their health and to have their breasts checked regularly.



To know more about THRIVE group visit their facebook page at

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