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Better Taxi is hirna!

Premier taxi-hailing app Hirna is now in CDO and Iligan.

Fresh from achieving its dominant leadership position in Davao, Hirna is now offering its innovative ride-hailing app to more key cities in Mindanao.  Passengers in Mindanao have long been clamoring for a reliable, safe and ‘zero-booking fee’ hailing service…and Hirna is finally addressing their request.

The country’s premier taxi-hailing app will have its CDO and Iligan launch on July 24. “We are really excited to improve the quality of lives of the commuters to more key cities in Mindanao.  Given these launches, our vision of uplifting the Pinoys’ taxi ride experience continues to be realized,” said Francisco ‘Coco’ Mauricio, Hirna President, and CEO.

The largest taxi operators associations in the region have partnered with Hirna for its operations:
Hirna is in partnership with Association of United Taxi Operators (AUTO) in Cagayan De Oro, while in Iligan City, they are in partnership with Bagong Iligan Transport Service Cooperative (BAGITSCO). In total, Hirna has almost 600 taxi units for both cities.

“We are happy to have Hirna in CDO.  Cagayan de Oro taxis have been known to be polite and disciplined and now with Hirna, we can further improve our service through better convenience and more safety”, says AUTO President Dodong Clemenia.  “Passengers in Iligan have been clamoring for a ride-hailing app as they heard the success of Hirna in Davao.  We are proud to be part of Hirna’s network in Mindanao!” said BAGITSCO President Jhun Lladora.

Hirna provides passengers with a lot of features to ensure safety and convenience.  These include Track My Ride function (send your location to your loved one), Driver and Vehicle Rating System, In-app Messaging, Push Banner Alerts and a whole lot more.  Hirna even has a live customer service support to ensure that anyone can book a ride, even those without smartphones.

“With our full launch this July, we will start our our promo and ad campaigns for maximum awareness.  We do hope the passengers in CDO and Iligan come to embrace and love us as they do in other cities.” added Mauricio.

“Watch out for more awesome updates really soon. Better Taxi is Hirna!”

The app can be downloaded from both iOS App Store and Google Playstore for Android phones. Contact the customer hotline numbers 09171114888 and 09992214888 for any inquiries.

Hirna Launch in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan

Davao’s homegrown taxi hailing application, Hirna, is launching in Cagayan de Oro City as well as in Iligan City this April, helping break down a monopolistic environment in the ride-hailing industry with its zero-booking fee service that maximizes existing taxi fleets.

“Cagayan de Oro and Iligan are our first expansion areas outside of Davao, consolidating our market stronghold in Mindanao. Expect more cities joining the rapidly growing hirna family in the next few weeks,” said Francisco Coco Mauricio, hirna Mobility Solutions, Inc. Managing Partner.

Hirna will go live in the two cities within the first half of May after its April 26 Iligan launch and April 27 CDO launch. “With three key cities now on board, Hirna aims to give Pinoy commuters a viable option in ride-hailing that breaks free from the monopolistic status quo,” said Mauricio.

Hirna will partner with the recently established Cagayan de Oro Taxi Operators Associations (CDOTOA), which boasts the membership of 40 major operators representing over 50 percent of the city’s active taxi units. There are now 1,700 active Hirna taxis ready to service both CDO and Iligan. “We are honored to work with the taxi operators and drivers of CDO and Iligan as our partners in serving the public,” said Mauricio.

“What we bring to CDO and Iligan as we begin our expansion from Davao to the rest of the country is fair competition that provides more passenger options and results in a healthy and innovative transport industry for all stakeholders,” said Mauricio.

He explained that Hirna’s business model maximizes existing taxi fleets to avoid clogging streets with new cars and ensure less waiting time for commuters. Hirna does not charge drivers transaction fees to drivers which often eat up most of their income.

The app is also unique for offering a 24/7 customer service support to answer queries and even assist passengers with no smartphones book a ride. It includes LTFRB hotline numbers in the app to give passengers the ability to contact the agency for any queries or complaints.

The Hirna app can be downloaded from both iOS App Store and Google Playstore for Android phones. Contact the customer hotline numbers 09171114888 and 09992214888 for any inquiries.