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POPS Eatery


POPS All Filipino Eatery now open along Corrales Avenue at the old Consuelo’s Restaurant. POPS means “Pinoy Original Paborito Special”. They serve all Filipino delicious food that you are craving for.


An ambiance that is a typical eatery around the country with a twist of retro decorations and cool signs. Check out their sinuglaw, it is a must try dish on their menu.


They also have function room upstair where a hundred persons can be accommodated. If you like outdoor eating they have a large veranda where you can watch Corrales Avenue. In the near future, they will also offer an outdoor talipapa of bbq and chicken innards.


Ababu Persian Kitchen


Ababu Persian Kitchen is located at Monte Carlo building at the front of Xavier University main campus in Corrales Avenue. They serve shawarma and shawarma rice and other middle eastern cuisine at affordable prices that most student in the nearby university can afford.


Their meals taste good for college students who are looking for a different cuisines other than the usual fastfoods around the area. Ababu Persian Kitchen originally started in Katipunan Avenue in Metro Manila  which is also a university belt. The branch in Cagayan de Oro is a franchise of the original.

Bigby’s Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once


Foodies out there, checkout Bigby’s new huge meals on there menu. Who care’s you only live one so eat as much as you want! and they have this promo to get a chance to win some items.

Share your Y.O.L.O. moment on facebook and win Bigby’s Gift Certificate plus a Y.O.L.O. T-Shirt weekly!

Here’s how it works:

A. LIKE the Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant facebook page.

B. Take a picture while enjoying any of the Y.O.L.O. menu

C. Send your creative photos to [email protected]

D. Photos will be uploaded to Bigby’s FB fanpage

E. SHARE your photos to the public. The entry with the most number of SHARES of the Y.O.L.O. photo encounter gets a Bigby’s P 300 Gift Certificate and Y.O.L.O. t-shirt weekly.

In order to qualify, ALL participants must be a fan of Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant. Cut off will be every Saturday at 4pm / Promo period runs from August 1 to Sept. 30, 2013


Checkout the detailed mechanics here:

bigbys yolo

Turquoise Restaurant

Turquise Restaurant is located inside the SM City mall in Cagayan de Oro. Apparently, Turquoise is more than just a color. The word is actually old french for “Turkish” and this is what this unique restaurant in the city exactly offers – authentic cuisine from the land of the Turks.

Turquoise was started in December 2007 by Turks living in Cagayan de Oro City, in an attempt to share their culture and food to filipinos. When your there, don’t skip their beef and chicken kebabs, which are the best sellers. The kebabs are grilled and marinated in Turkish herbs and spices. These are put on a bed of rice and topped with lavash bread (flat bread). If carbo loading is not for you, indulge in Bakas in sizzling plate, a lanao specialty, which is smoked fish blended with spices and coconut milk. Or savor, the chili garlic shimp and Shephered beef kabap, which is marinated beef with tomato sauce and herbs.