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greewich sm cdo premeir

Barkada Hangouts Made Better at the New Greenwich Pizzeria Stores

greewich sm cdo premeir

Greenwich wants to make your barkada hangouts even more memorable with its revamped stores nationwide. Level up those barkada moments and spend it surrounded by awesome people and great food. Greenwich has time and time again has proven its loyalty to the ultimate Filipino barkada by reinventing its menu to fit the seasons and the times.

Greenwich has continuously offered delicious pizza and pasta each time, and now, it’s time to give the stores a brand new look to go with those products. With over 250 stores nationwide, Greenwich is going through a major revamp and giving friends a great new place to hang out with each other.

Experience stepping into an authentic pizzeria that is a combination of Mid-Century and Industrial-styled interiors as Greenwich reveals its new and improved store ambiance. The modern style pizzeria infused with Greenwich’s trademark colors and branding details make it the perfect place to share good celebratory cheers with the people you love the most.

If it is hard resisting the aroma of fresh pizza, then what more seeing it being prepared right in front of your very eyes? With the availability of a showcase window in the stores sporting the pizzeria look, those favorite pizzas can now be seen freshly made and pulled out of the oven each time.

Imagine all the catching up friends get to do in a Greenwich pizzeria over its delicious products such as the Hawaiian Overload and Lasagna Supreme. The new ambiance of a Greenwich store fits every barkada perfectly with its warm colors, relaxing feel, and comfortable interiors.

Straight from work or school, set Greenwich as the spot for that fun and casual get-togethers. Just head on over to a Greenwich store, let your hair loose and stay on until the stories die down. There are no rules to having the best time; all you need is good food with great friends. Greenwich has got it covered.

Greenwich store is now open at the SM CDO Downtown Premier, the newest mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

Have a Taste of Summer with Greenwich

With the days getting hotter and the sun setting longer it can only mean one thing; summer is just around the corner. The time for reliving and creating new adventures with the barkada is back! Go white water rafting in the river of Cagayan de Oro or finally ride through the sand dunes in Ilocos. Maybe this is the summer you get to do island hopping in Palawan. Get a jumpstart on your craziest summer yet with Greenwich’s Hawaiian Overload Pizza.

Topped with the perfect blend of meaty slices of ham, sweet and juicy pineapple bits and finished with slices of green bell pepper, this delightfully tasty pizza truly brings out thoughts of days spent at the beach or lounging on a cool mountaintop with friends.

Start the season of fun under the sun right by heading over to the Greenwich Stores near you!

Don’t miss out on the best summer ever with the best Hawaiian Overload because #MasFunWithHawaiian! Stay updated with the latest summer events of Greenwich by liking and following Greenwich on Facebook [email protected] on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


CDO’s First: Greenwich Pizzeria New Look


Greenwich Pizza at SM City CDO in uptown Cagayan de Oro has a new look and feel. It is now transformed into a Pizzeria just like in Italy. The interior look reminiscent of a familiar and homey feels through the use of wood and brick elements, one that will instantly feel being in an authentic pizzeria.



The SM City CDO store is the first one in CDO and will roll-out the same concept in other areas. The new store concept features a lounge, main dining area, balcony, banquet and an enclosed dining space fit for everyone’s needs. The seating varies from couches, booths, tables and longer spaces complete with bar stools for the authentic experience. The interiors are made more rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets, and colorful ceramics to tie the concept together with the goal of making Greenwich feel like home.


This young, modern, mid-century industrial neighborhood pizzeria look that Greenwich is taking on will attract both loyal Greenwich pizza lovers and curious foodies alike, to be a part of the barkada and savor in the goodness that is truly world-class. Check out their new store to feel the new ambiance of eating pizza. And by the way, you should also try their new Bacon Crispy Thin pizza!

A Glimpse of The Nest CDO


The Nest is an upcoming upscale eating place in Cagayan de Oro City. There will be 2 restaurant themes in the place. One is the Maison de Bonbon, an authentic French restaurant and Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast, an Italian restaurant.


Maison de Bonbon will be serving all kinds of authentic French food. From soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, and some other side dishes.



Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast will be serving pizza of course but not just an ordinary pizza. The ingredients are source from the finest suppliers and cooked in a wood fired brick oven which was designed from Italy.




The place has indoor dining and an outdoor balcony, as well as alfresco great for hanging out with friends or family. Most of their serving is good for three to four person which will be good for a group of family or friends.


The Nest is located along Corrales Avenue and Ramon Chaves Street. They will be in soft opening this saturday (June 18, 2016) and will have its grand opening in July.

Greenwich New Dessert Offering

greenich choco banana crisp

If you love pizza then defenitely to Greenwich before and this time checkout their newest offering the sweet Dessert Pie for the the sweetest time of the year. It’s called the Choco Banana Crisp, a 9-inch dessert pie made with bananas, chocolate, and your favorite Italian hazelnut cream, the Nutella.

So after eating your pizza and pasta dont’ leave room for bitterness and order your #ChocoBananaCrisp dessert.

Checkout also the re-introduction of Greenwich Ultimate Greencard to get points when you order your favorite pizza at Greenwich as well as other JFC establishments like Jollibee, Chowking, and Red Ribbon!

The next time you dine or take out you can receive free food in exchange from the points in your card and also get a chance to win monthly cash prizes.


Nic’s Pizza Baguettes


A new pizza place in Cagayan de Oro just opened in-front of Lourdes College High School in barangay Macasandig with a twist.

Most pizza we know is round from small to a huge one that can eat more than a dozen people, but this newly opened little pizza shop has a french twist. They called their shop Nic’s Pizza Baguettes  because their pizzas are made from french baguettes. From the shape of it, its very easy to eat since it fits exactly to your mouth.


They have several kinds toppings available for their baguettes pizza and everyone is super good tasting. You should also try their cheezy garlic bread which is one of my favorite for only P85 a bunch. Checkout there menu below for its affordable prices that’s pocket friendly for students too.


Try now and visit their place located at 21 St. corner 14th St., Nazareth. They will be starting delivery service in the near future so stay tune when they start to deliver pizza to your doorstep.

Good Fellas Pizza


There is a new pizza place in the city called Good Fellas Pizza located at the 2nd floor of Sweetleaf Milk Tea place along Pabayo and Chavez Streets.

The place is very cozy with delightful interior setup. The pizza is quite good tasting too which has only one size about 12 inches I think and cut into 4 slices.


Here are some of their pizza to guide you before visiting their place. Big Joe is their Godfather of all pizzas, packed with all meat toppings like pepperoni, bacon, sausage, ham and beef. The price is 220 pesos.

Rizzo is at 200 pesos, topped with authentic italian pepperoni. Danny is at 185 pesos, topped with sunny side up egg, bacon, ham, and tomato. Great for breakfast.

Joe Piney is you not so ordinary hawaiian pizza at 175 pesos. Wild Bill is mexican style pizza with beef, chorizo and roasted jalapenos at 175 pesos. The one I ordered is the Mickey White four cheese pizza topped with mozarella and other exotic cheese at P215. Checkout there place with your barkada.


Wood Fired Pizza in CDO


You can now taste the original way of making pizza in Italy using a wood fired oven right here in Cagayan de Oro City!

Angelo’s Ristorante is the new authentic Italian restaurant in town started by Chef Angelo Obrero who studied cooking in Italy himself to learn how to cook the Italian way.

Its wood fired oven was even actually brought in from Italy, so I must say this is the real deal. Despite the intricacy way of preparing its delicious pizza’s you will be surprise its actually quite affordable which only range around P250 to P300 per pizza that is good enough for several person.


You really must taste there wood fired pizza, I highly recommend it. Aside from the pizza they offer great tasting pasta too which they made there pasta in-house. And if you dine in the resto, you will be serve with there great tasting bread and special dip that you will surely like it.

Another favorite of mine is there Osso Buco which remind me of the Soprano the popular tv series in the U.S.


Angelo’s Ristorante is located in the uptown area at Masterson Mile fronting the Xavier Estate resident gate beside Stonetown here in Cagayan de Oro City.

Pizza de Oro

Pizza de Oro is a local home made pizza in Cagayan de Oro City. It offers the hight quality white pizza in town which is quite unique with other pizza parlors in the city.

You can order by phone or you can visit there newly open place located in Fernandez Street formerly Dolores Street infront of Ficco main office. They are open up to 1 am in the morning for night chilling.

For order by phone you can contact them at: 088-301-8331 or 0917-719-9792

You can choose from different yummy flavors below:

De oro Overload P135.00
Hawaiian Ham and cheese P99.00
Tuna P119.00
Beef and Mushroom P125.00
Garden Fresh P119.00
Longga de Oro P119.00